…About the Boolean Cube

The internet was built in the physical world in the form of physical computers that transmitted information very much about or already present in the world. The growth of the internet has hoisted it far above the world, creating a layer much like clouds do over land.

The space between the world and the internet is no longer so distinct. Today what we see are touchpoints (or junctions) between the two. Lifestreams, or aggregated web identities, are no longer only for the techies, and those who have yet to access the internet are increasingly defined by that fact. The World Wide Web is the World Web.

The Boolean Cube is an attempt to understand the relationship between the world and the internet. This project is doomed to fail. Members of the iGeneration cannot self-reflect without falling into an epistemological nightmare. We are both of the world and the internet and it is difficult to see where one starts and the other stops, like asking when swallowed food stops being of the world and becomes our body.

The internet will not replace eating, sex, walking, talking face-to-face, shopping in a store, exploring territory, and every other experience that is an experience of the body. We'll always be a body, in a chair, covered in human. We define and are defined by how we shape this relationship, and I hope to contribute to the discussion.